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Tacitus Publishing's 2016 anthology project is - SHATTERED SPACE.  We are looking for short fiction (1,500 to 5,000 words) that takes place in space and has a strong horror element.  This can include aliens, ghosts, or disturbing circumstance.  The key to success, as with all strong writing, is the human struggle and relatable characters.  There is a fine line drawn when writing science fiction, so please keep this in mind.  We are not interested in excessive gore, tech-driven plot lines, or graphic sexual scenes.

Submission process:
- There are two options to send your story, either using the submission form on this website or sending an email. 

- We ask that you attach the story as an RTF (rich text format) file.  All word processing programs offer this option, so please do. 

- Use Times New Roman / 12 for the font and have the lines double spaced.  Do not add extra spacing options.

email:  submission(at)tacituspublishing.com
subject line should read: Shattered Space Anthology

(This maybe pushing it based on the possibility of being overwhelmed, but we may offer quick critiques or suggestions to submitters in our responses.  Tacitus Publishing wants to continue with its writer-friendly approach by offering any small amount of assistance we can.)
Cover letter and quick biography:
Please put the cover letter in the body of the form or email.  The structuring of the letter should include -
your name
contact info - address, phone, email
title of the story
a one sentence summary of your story
word count
brief bio and quick list of published work

Page format:
Please add to each page -
top left - author's name
top right - title
bottom - page number

Simultaneous and multiple submissions:
We will not accept simultaneous submissions. We will accept multiple submissions if you have received a rejection notice concerning your first submission and the call has not closed, but request that you submit no more than two stories.  Stories will be original work, no reprints.
Open for submissions - August 1st, 2016
Closed for submissions - October 31st, 2016
Projected completion and e-published: 1st Quarter 2017

We pay 1 cent USD per word. We also provide a complimentary electronic version of the book to each contributor.

In the interest of the story building and the publishing process, there is the possibility of minor editorial changes to accepted stories. Understand though, the submission is expected to be a polished and proofread product. 

Tacitus Publishing asks for First Exclusive Worldwide publishing rights for the term of one year as well as non-exclusive reprint rights thereafter.
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PO Box 2466
Largo, FL  33779
(727) 479-2707
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