Looking for your New Year's resolution?  Okay, here's the ultimate writer's challenge.  Next year, to help get your writing output to the next level, we have a plan - a real, hard working plan.  There are three levels to this project.

Level 1, write a short story every month.  We are planning on targeting different anthologies and journal submission requests during the year to give some direction for the monthly stories. 

Level 2, clean up a short story, creating a polished product.  This will also help get your blood flowing if you are finding yourself bogged down on your current short story or chapter.

Level 3, write a chapter for a book idea you have every month.  If you are more set on the book production than the short stories, switch the Level 1 and 3 for priorities.

The idea is to at least complete Level 1 as your goal, at first.  Then if you find you have more time, or need to get a quick break from the story, go to Level 2.  And then, if rolling strong, go to Level 3.
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