Tacitus Publishing is a small company that publishes electronic products, provides resources for beginner writers and artists, and offers website building and marketing services.  We are active in helping businesses build company websites and create artwork/graphic art to reach out and connect with customers.

Our Services:
We offer a variety of services to businesses and individuals.
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About Us
PO Box 2466
Largo, FL  33779
(727) 657-5273
Webbuilding Services
About me - James S. Austin
Releasing our Podcast sessions regularly for The Chronicles of Ballidrous - Rise of the Guild
The latest release from Tacitus Publishing.
Webbuilding - to include hosting, maintenance.
Book Publishing - to include editing and copyediting, publishing options, and full service publishing.
Graphic Art - to include business logos, book covers, commissioned artwork, and wall murals.
Marketing - to include social networking sites, branding programs, and marketing material.
The Guilds:
As a publishing company catering to those wanting to feel closer to the frontlines of publishing, we also have a Writer's Guild and an Artist's Guild to show off their work and help develop their skills.

For those gamers out there in Florida, we have added the Gamer's Guild.  This resource will help you find a store near you and info on upcoming conventions in Florida.

Gaming Products:
We are like all gamers out there; wanting to find new and creative gaming material.  The seed that started Tacitus Publishing was planted long ago and now the tree stands tall and ready to bear fruit. 

Our goal is to provide a rich environment for adventures and making the material easily accessible to gamemasters.  Through website interaction and downloads, players and gamemasters will have options to either gather the parts they require for smaller campaigns or surround themselves in the campaign setting known as the Chronicles of Ballidrous.
The Red Wyvern Inn Podcast
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Postponed until further notice.
Summer 2020
Baishen Prophecies: The Kingdom of Castiel.
Summer 2020
New Hexagon Adventures release - The Prairie of Many Faces.
Winter 2020
Dark Tides, the first module release for The Bai'shen Prophecies in the Chronicles of Ballidrous.