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Found deep within otherworldly shadows and finding sanctuary in the darker corners of our minds, dwell the imaginings of some of the greatest horror writers; M. R. James, Algernon Blackwood, Le Fanu.  They are among a few who have defined the genre and have transcended the page with stories that evoke dread and hopelessness.

Haunted by the Past features tales that hope to instill that same sense of terror the masters did so long ago.  You will find yourself lost in the melody of possibilities, what lengths family will go to be a part of your life, and the troubles encountered when in search of a new residence.  The resounding voices of the past will haunt your waking moments.
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- About the Authors -
Amor Vincit Omnia - by James S. Austin

"A Father gets a late night visitor."


A Belfast Haunting - by Toby A. LeCrone

"A brother is desperate to distract his sister from wallowing in her past tragedy."


Pianissimo Possibile - by Matthew R. Davis

"The story of a girl who experiences a revelation through music."


Black, Without Crepe - Amanda Hard

"Old blood and new blood mix with horrifying results."


Tulpa - by Preston Dennett

"Worldly travels prove to be costly for Agnes."


Un Film De - by Gregory L. Norris

"The tale of a man seeking answers through a lens."


Spring Tide - by Mike Driver

"Norton hopes for a big score but must wait out a storm first."


The Damned of Chelsea - by T. S. Kummelman

"An exchange of letters leads to an unfortunate outcome."


The Boyle Goodbye - by Chris Phillips

"Marcy struggles with the late night shift at the Boyle Hotel."


Whither Thou Goest - by Mischa Sagan

"Garrett learns the true meaning of family."


Broken Books - by Brett Parker

"Friends work together to solve the mystery behind a haunted book."


The Place of Fear - by James S. Austin

"Dr. Humphries and Dr. Kenner head to Belize to find out what happened to an archaeological dig."

Haunted by the Past
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