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The concept of traveling through space and visiting outlandish planets has always fascinated humankind.  But what if these journeys to the outer reaches are not so pleasant?  What horrors, whether alien or imagined, would we find?  Once there, what new challenges will we face as technology progresses beyond socially acceptable behaviors and what we perceive as ‘human nature’?  Shattered Space showcases a collection of short stories written by gifted authors that touch on some of the possible answers.

Tacitus Publishing’s run of anthologies over the past years had to eventually lead us here – horror and oddities in space.  The tales chosen make for an eclectic wonder, a chance to experience space and its marvels in a very different light.  In this collection of eleven titillating stories, you will succumb to madness, you will face interstellar threats, and as a coup de gras, you will endure the chore of laundry. 
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ISBN:  978-0-9848612-2-4
- About the Authors -
The Rats in the Bulkheads - by Gregory L. Norris

"A colonization mission finds itself dealing with a vermin problem."


The Space of Gods - by T.S. Kummelman

"The realization that we are but insignificant beings in a vast universe."


Laundry - by James S. Austin

"The story of a depressed 'gentleman' having to do laundry."


Toaster Blues - by C.R. Galarza

"A dying captain of a space cruiser must decide what he will do with the final moments of his life."


The Stars Denied - by David F. Gray

"Nearly three hundred years in the future, a doomed expedition is dispatched to Pluto to explore a newly discovered city of alien origin."


Little Deaths - by Daniel Rosen

"A man must face the realities of his life... and death."


Space Cookies - by Brett Parker

"A twisted tale about a few brave souls confronting a tentacle monstrosity."


Survivor - by Josh Shiben

"A deep-space rescuer responding to a distress signal and learns things are not quite what they seem."


Red Shift - by Colin Hinckley

"A starship crew finds itself facing an interstellar threat."


Father Than Death - by J.E. Bates

"A junior officer thrust into command of a doomed ship confronts his brother's ghost."


Heat Lightning - by James S. Austin

"A discovery that changes everything for one man during a terraforming mission."
Shattered Space
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