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Initial Consultation  -  have a sit down and go over the desired website, provide an estimate of cost and time to completion.
Research Phase  -  go over the specifics for the website and layout, discuss the information and material needed to put together a functional website.
Preparation Phase -  gather the material and have any graphic art created, pictures taken, or other details needed to have available for the website.
Building Phase  -  build the website.
Approval Phase  -  review the product for  revisions or updates.
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-  Completed Projects  -
Tacitus Publishing will build a website to fit your needs and budget.  The process is transparent and we will instruct you on being self-sufficient so that you can manage your own site.
Webbuilding Services
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PO Box 2466
Largo, FL  33779
(727) 657-5273
-  New Projects  -
Completed construction on the website for Felsons Gift Card Exchange
  -  completed
Completed Local Search Directory updating for BID Fire and Safety
Completed an electronic Newsletter for author Carol J. Perry
  -  completed
Completed construction on the website for FireRod Hockey Custom Sticks
  -  completed
Completed construction on the website for MRC Transportation
  -  completed